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  • Who manages my HOA?
    Cooper's HOA Management Group
  • What is the after-hours number fo emergency management conact?
    435-649-5351 option 2 If you are experiencing a true emergency, please call 911.
  • When are dues statements sent out?
    Dues are sent out 15 days prior to each quarter via email.
  • Utility Information
    Rocky Mountain Power: (Owners are individually billed for their own usage by RMP) Phone: 888-221-7070 Dominion Gas: (Owners are individually billed for their own usage by Dominion) Phone: 800-323-5517 Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District: (Owners are individually billed for their own usage) Phone: 435-649-7993 Mountain Regional Water: (Owners are individually billed for their own usage) Phone: 435-940-1916 Comcast: Cable TV and Internet Service is through a bulk agreement with Comcast. It includes Performance Pro Tier Internet 150mbps download speed and Digital Starter channels plus 1 HD box and 2 HD digital adapters. It also includes a modem/router and Showtime. Comcast customer service phone number for owners is: (855) 307-4896 Extras like DVR, Premium Channels, etc. are individually billed to owners by Comcast.
  • Who is the Management Committee?
    Scott Murray, President David Thomas, Treasurer Ray Erickson John McMurrough
  • What is the parking policy?
    Each unit has a single attached garage that should be kept clear to allow for vehicle parking. Each unit was developed based on 1 1⁄2 parking spaces per unit, with the additional parking provided in non-exclusive designated parking spaces. All exterior overnight parking requires a hangtag. Each unit is provided 1 permanent hangtag. If temporary guest tags are requested, please reach out to Coopers HOA. No parking is permitted on garage pads, the street, or in the covered garages.
  • What is the Pet Policy?
    Owners and long term renters are allowed up to two household pets including only one dog per unit. Pets are not allowed for short term renters. (See pet policy in our rules and regulations for complete details.)
  • What are the Owner Responsibilites?
    Hot Tubs are maintained by the owners. The complete Hot Tub Policy can be found in its own folder. It outlines approved hot tubs and covers and the vendors that sell them. FYI: There is a power cut off for the hot tub on the exterior back wall near our patio doors. The power can also be turned off in our internal breaker box which is located on a wall of our garages. Window Cleaning is the responsibility of individual owners. Patio Door Insulation Resealing is also the responsibility of owners. Air & Dryer Duct Cleaning is the responsibility of owners. Wasps are owner responsibility. Owners can call All Mountain States Pest Control and they will come out and spray their individual unit for $85 and they guaranty it for the summer. Their number is (720) 338-9542.
  • Mailbox Sign Up Info
    Mailbox Sign Up Info USPS Cluster Mailboxes for Units 1-24 are on the wall of the North end dumpster enclosure. USPS Cluster Mailboxes for Units 25-95 are located inside the parking garage entrance behind the park between townhome units #46 and #47. Signup instructions: The USPS requests that owners go in person to the Main Post Office at 2100 Park Ave. Park City, UT 84060 to sign out keys for your box. Please bring ID and proof of address. USPS requires that you present a document with your physical address on it like a gas bill with the service address or similar. USPS Addresses 6312 N Park Ln Units 7-12 6296 N Park Ln Units 13-18 6278 N Park Ln Units 19-24 6170 Park Ln S Units 25-32 6150 Park Ln S Units 33-40 6130 Park Ln S Units 41-46 6080 Park Ln S Units 47-54 6056 Park Ln S Units 55-61 6048 Park Ln S Units 62-67 6020 Park Ln S Units 68-71 6004 Park Ln S Units 72-77 5986 Park Ln S Units 78-83 5974 Park Ln S Units 84-89 5962 Park Ln S Units 90-95
  • Comcast Information
    For information on how to set up your Comcast internet service through the HOA please see the site file titled "Comcast/Xfinity Help Guide" located in our Community Documents.
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